Create and automate
B2B and B2C
by yourself

Meet Promomanager

It is comprehensive and fully safe tool. In one place you will get whole needed IT infrastructure and advanced automation to run the promotion of your choice.

You can configure whole promotion during 1 session
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You set up the activity by yourself, using standardized solutions
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You do not need to be an IT specialist, process is clear and transparent and our support – taken for granted
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The access to leads database and system control panel is ongoing, in 24/7 mode
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Promomanager is GDPR-compliant; your data are safe in our system
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Whether you would like to run bonus sale, contest, B2B motivational scheme or lottery, Promomanager works fine in each of the type of promotion.

How Promomanager works

All elements needed to run a promotion in one place

IT infrastructure

We provide full IT solution needed to run the promotion, including database hosting and reporting.

Participant’s data

You can choose which data to collect. There is variety of data to choose from and this takes into consideration the specifics of both B2B and B2C activities.


You can use built-in website template if you need. You just need to add pictures and copy.

Prize redemption

Promomanager can automatically send some types of prizes. This apply i.e. to e-codes to retail chains and online shops. System can also collect the data needed to deliver other types of prizes, like money on the account or some specified articles by post.

Additional services

You can ask us for preparing terms & conditions, running the hotline of promotion, delivering the prizes in form of specified articles or money that goes straight on the winner’s account.


We are at your service and we can support you during every step of promotion setup.

Developed on a basis of long experience
of Hagen agency.

Form 2011 we created and ran several hundreds of different types of promotions.

Now we provide you with this revolutionary tool that lets you to create, setup and run your promotions quicker, at lower cost and without building own IT infrastructure.


Are you an advertising or marketing services agency?

Do you have the clients who would like to run
the promotion but you do not have own IT infrastructure?



This is safe and useful tool
Hagen is a trusted partner of banks and insurance
providers – companies where data security is a top priority.